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When the Doctor returns to the High Council to report, he finds Borusa missing, and soon discovers a secret room with Borusa at the controls of the Time Scoop.Borusa reveals he seeks to be the President Eternal of Gallifrey and needed the Doctors to disable the force field over the Tomb as to gain immortality from Rassilon.The various Doctors lead their companions towards the tower while avoiding the hostile forces.At the Citadel on Gallifrey, the High Council of Time Lords have also detected the disturbance in the Doctor's timeline a power drain from the Time Scoop, and Lord President Borusa has The Master, the Doctor's arch-nemesis, summoned to help rescue the Doctor, offering the Master a new set of regenerations.The Doctors disable the force field to summon the TARDIS, but allows Borusa and the Fifth Doctor to arrive via transmat.Borusa uses the Coronet to prevent the Doctors or his companions from interfering while he speaks to Rassilon.It was transmitted in the United Kingdom two days later.The episode aired after the conclusion of the 20th season to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

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It had its world premiere in the United States, on the Chicago PBS station WTTW and various other PBS member stations on 23 November 1983, the anniversary date.

As the other Doctors and companions converge on the tower, the Fifth Doctor works with the Council, discovering the recall device given to the Master included a tracking signal to lead the Cybermen to him, and foul play is suspected.

The Castellan is found to possess the forbidden Black Scrolls of Rassilon, and he dies while attempting to escape an invasive mind probe.

The entity's attempt to grab the Fourth Doctor and Romana ends up trapping the two in the time vortex.

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The Fifth Doctor senses the disruption of his own timeline and with Tegan and Turlough, travels to Gallifrey via his TARDIS, also ending up in the Death Zone, unable to travel farther with the TARDIS due to a force field projected by Tomb of Rassilon, the tower at the centre of the Death Zone.Borusa dons the ring, but then shortly disappears, becoming living stone that is part of Rassilon's tomb.

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